3 Rapid Weight Loss Tips That Really Works

Rapid weight loss is not a false claim. People are doing it over and over again. Look at those celebrities, there must be a secret where they can go slim as and when they want to. In this weight loss tips article, you are not just going to learn the ways which you can use to lose weight. You are going to equip yourself with methods that can speed up your weight loss process.

Rapid Weight Loss Tips #1 Increased Meal Frequency
The reason is simple. By eating more meals in small quantities instead or three large meals, you will improve your metabolism rate and energy level at the same time. Forget about going on a diet or any kinds of starving program. The process is torturing and if you give up at any point of time, you will start stuffing yourself with more than double the diet you have before the program.

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What do I mean by a small meal? Well, one third of your current "three meals a day" meal size will be a good measure. More meals does not mean that you are going to have ten meals a day because it will not help. Our aim here is to avoid the food being stored in our body. Six small meals a day is the optimum amount of meals to have in order to lose weight fast.

Rapid Weight Loss Tips #2 Intense Cardio Exercise
Fitness experts will tell you that the longer you exercise your body, the fitter that it will become. They said so because they are fitness experts who love exercising their body, period. Take up cardiovascular exercise such as running on the threadmill, cycling and rope skipping. Go through them intensely as if you are in a military training.

They seems hard but you only need to do that for a few minutes everyday. Your body may sore for the first few days but rest assured, it will get used to it and you probably want something that is more extreme by next week. It is not boring, at least, compared to those long distance walk and lame yoga, right?

Rapid Weight Loss Tips #3 Increase Protein Intake
Why protein is the magic nutrient for rapid fat loss? First, protein fills you up faster and is not likely to be stored as fat compared to carbohydrates from rice, noodles and grain. Another great thing about protein is that it helps building the muscles. If you are doing the intense cardio exercise above, you need protein everyday to help your muscles recover.

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